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Please join us at our next event!


1) We are collecting funds of any amount to help purchase a building whereas we will be able to house nine(9) victims, to help them start over in life.

2) We accept donations daily, so that we can purchase bus, plane and train tickets for victims to travel to a new place of residence.

Thank you in advance.


Support group for women of domestic violence/sexual assault coming soon to Mesa, Arizona

Domestic Violence

Our 1st Annual DOMESTIC VIOLENCE walk on Tracy & Ashton"s behalf in Arizona TBA for 2024


Please give all of your pennies to KRAT HOUSE OF ANGELS for our penny drive. Which is to help us toward getting victims away from their abuser to start a fresh new life for themselves. Please call (248) 954-6773 to set up a pick up date and time to drop off. Also to take picture with you for your donation. Thank you in advance


You may always feel free to send donations to:

and click the donate tab to give or send donations through PAYPAL, send to or CASHAPP $KRAT3 or Zelle or request a invoice through Square

Gift Cards

KRAT HOUSE OF ANGELS is collecting gift cards on a daily basis to assist victims that don't choose to leave their state. They will be able to use these gift cards for hotel stay, gas cards, personal items, grocery and clothing. If you or your company/organization would like to donate gift cards, please call (248) 954-6773 for a pick-up and picture with your company/firm/organization, or you can mail gift cards to: KRAT HOUSE OF ANGELS, 201 S Greenfield, suite 221, Mesa, Arizona 85206 if you don't want your picture taken

Purple Gala

Purple Gala will be held in October every year because it is domestic violence month.

Time: 7:00pm - 12am. Cost: $50.00 per person or $350 per table.  


Thriving After Abuse classes, will be offered once a building is purchased.

2023 Conference for domestic violence/sex trafficking

This conference is for domestic violence/sex trafficking organizations and advocates to come together to help teach each other how to put an end to this horrific act of crime. Because this madness must come to an end!!!! This conference will be held Friday, October 27,2023 @ the Hilton Garden Inn, Phoenix Airport, Phoenix Arizona. Pricing is also available on the purchase page. $100.00 for conference only, $250.00 conference & 1 night stay at hotel $500.00 conference & 2 nights stay @ the hotel.

Karen is also looking for help with her program 1)advocates 2) attorneys 3)accountants, 4) board of directors 5)shelters 6)counselors 7) etc...

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